Bosch Invented for Life

Our team has effectively handled the social media calendar for Bosch Power Tools, creating engaging posts with powerful imagery.

Bosch Invented for Life
WEP India Niti Aayog


Crafted a social media plan for the Women Entrepreneurship Platform by Niti Aayog, boosting awareness for the TG.



Created a theme-based social media campaign, raising awareness about green, eco-friendly transportation methods.

Bosch Biker Campaign

Helped raise awareness about Bosch’s product offerings for two-wheeler manufacturers, using simple, effective creative communication.

Bosch Biker Campaign
Bosch Beyond Mobility Campaign Bosch Beyond Mobility Campaign

Beyond Mobility

Developed a 360-degree communication plan for Bosch’s ‘Beyond Mobility’ campaign – to showcase its solutions across verticals.

Bosch Future Connected

Future Connected

Designed an end-to-end social media engagement for Bosch’s ‘Future Connected’ campaign, that demonstrated a peek into the future.

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