Combining aesthetics and functionality with a quick turnaround time, we set up EKAM’s brand new store at the Bengaluru International Airport.

Ekam Visual Merchandising Design
Titan Masaba Titan Masaba Titan Masaba


Designed and developed a new window display for the exclusive launch of the Raga Masaba collection by Titan.

Titan Espana


Inspired by the Flamenco dance, we designed a showstopper window display for the launch of the Raga Espana collection by Titan.


Designed a rustic style window display and instore vm based around the theme of a ‘White Christmas’.

Godrej Script


Helped the popular energy drink design a tailored service experience in popular pubs across cities.



Enabled the new age sportswear company design monsoon-themed window display.

Titan Airport

Designed sleek visual merchandising solutions for Titan’s most iconic brands at the Mumbai Airport kiosk.

Titan Airport
Amalfi Bleu Skin Amalfi Bleu Skin

Amalfi Bleu Skin

Came up with a thematic display for the launch of Amalfi Bleu perfume that exuded its bold brand persona.



Crafted a classy wedding-themed window display for the luxurious ethnic wear brand for peak season store walk-ins.

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